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If your online reputation is hindering your new client acquisitions or sales, then your’e in luck. Whether you’re looking to find a company that helps remove negative reviews from Google or any search engine for that matter, we can help! Since we are a team of SEO experts, we know how to promote the positive information that is on the web so that it shows up when you try to search for reviews related to your company online. It’s simple actually, we help you create or promote web properties that are in your possession. Web properties such as a Facebook fan page or even a micro blog like yourbrandname.wordpress.com which can be used as a result when you search “your brand +reviews” on Google or any search engine. The end result is having the entire first page of Google only show the web properties you own rather than the negative stuff that is currently online being viewed by your prospects!


About Our Reputation Management Services

Our reputation management strategies are simple yet effective. We can help leverage your existing social media presence so that the only thing that shows up on the major search engines when prospective clients do their research are web properties that belong to you! In most cases, within a short period of time we can completely remove all negative press from the first page of any major search engine within a reasonable amount of time if the recommended amount of resources are available. We can put together a very comprehensive brand management campaign that allows your to be in complete control of the first page of any major search engines for any keyword you choose (related to your brand).


Measuring Success!

Measuring the success of a reputation management campaign is as easy as tracking the rankings for the negative press on the search engines. For example, if you search for “your company name + Reviews” and a negative review shows up as the 3rd result on Google then we would create rank reports periodically to show you that the negative press is moving from the 3rd position to the 4th, then 5th and eventually it will fall off of the first page of the search engines. Each month, we will track the negative press URL’s and measure how far back in the rankings they fall. It’s basically the same way you would track keyword rankings for an SEO campaign but now we are tracking negative results that need to fall back in rank not advance in rank.

Effective Reputation Management Services – Blue Curve SEO Company

Regardless of what your are seeing on Google, we can help you remove it. If you are wondering where to find a company that can help remove results from Google then you found it! We have several years of experience with demoting negative press with results that are long lasting! Don’t just use black hat SEO companies to give you short term results, our rankings stick for the long run which means you won’t have to continuously build new web properties to keep them on page one.


Strategic Search Engine Optimization

Let us optimize your existing web properties like your Youtube Channel or Facebook Fan Page so that it shows up on Google or other search engines when you search for your company name followed be “reviews”. We can help you create these web properties if you don’t already have them so that the negative press that is showing up on the search engines ends up being burred on the third or fourth page of the search results.


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